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Entrepreneurship coursework at Fordham combines elements from the full spectrum of business, including marketing, finance, venture capital, accounting, management, and media.

Our courses also develop the qualities that define an entrepreneur: creative thinking, problem-solving, innovation, and resilience in the face of challenge. We even teach you about failure. All entrepreneurs go through it, but here at Fordham, you can take risks in a supportive environment where experts and mentors will catch you if you fall.

Faculty members constantly adjust their classes to keep pace with the changing entrepreneurial space and to meet students’ needs. Listening to student input has led to the development of entire courses, such as Executing the Entrepreneurial Vision and Inside Tech Ventures.

New York is truly a land of opportunity when it comes to entrepreneurship, but don’t think of the city as a boundary. Each year, 20 Fordham students take a 10-day trip to Silicon Valley to visit companies like Adobe, Google, Facebook, and Apple. Students also travel nationally through Fordham’s chapter of the Kenneth Cole Foundation’s prestigious Compass Fellows program. Fordham is one of only 17 campuses worldwide chosen to take part in this social-innovation initiative.

Current coursework that is relevant to student entrepreneurs includes:

  • BLBU 3445 Contemporary Legal Issues in Business Organizations
  • FNBU 4456 Venture Capital
  • INSY 4431 Web Analytics
  • INSY 4432 Mobile Commerce and Applications
  • MGBU 3226 Exploring Entrepreneurship
  • MGBU 3227 Innovation and Resilience
  • MGBU 3228 Executing the Entrepreneurial Vision
  • MGBU 3229 Intro to Tech-Based Ventures
  • MGBU 3230 Personal Branding and Leadership
  • MGBU 3233 Startup Venture Experience
  • MGBU 3234 How to Change the World
  • MGBU 3235 Inside Tech Ventures
  • MGBU 3430 Sustainable Business
  • MGBU 3436 Capitalism and its Alternatives
  • MGBU 3446 Social Entrepreneurship
  • MGBU 3552 The Rose Program
  • MGBU 4005 Fair Trade Entrepreneurship
  • MKBU 3454 Design Thinking

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