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Faculty and Curriculum

Michael Brauman

Adjunct Instructor
Michael Brauman is the director of mobile product management at ADP, responsible for product strategy, client engagement, and team planning in the mobile space. He is an advisor to the Gilfus Education Group and an adjunct instructor at Fordham’s Gabelli School of Business, where he teaches an interactive course on mobile commerce and applications. His course aims to give students who have little or no technical background hands-on application development experience and a practical understanding of the role of mobile technologies in business.

Robert Cordova

Adjunct Instructor
Robert Cordova is an expert in corporate learning whose activity-based approach has been used in more than 20 countries to help people think creatively and embrace experimentation and change. He has been a consultant for futurethink and Innovation Bound; at Fordham, he has helped to develop and deliver courses on innovation and resilience. He is the writer and producer of Industry Snacks, a training video series that more resembles SNL digital shorts than traditional corporate content. In addition to performing a warm-up routine for comedian and TV host Seth Meyers, Cordova’s 20-year career includes experience in pharmaceuticals, energy, and financial services, as well as expertise in operations, customer service, and quality.

Christine Janssen, PhD

Christine Janssen is the director of the undergraduate entrepreneurship program at the Gabelli School of Business. Her commitment to hands-on instruction, based on a constantly changing curriculum designed to align with present-day conditions, has helped to make entrepreneurship one of the most dynamic and fast-growing programs at the Gabelli School. Before entering academia, Dr. Janssen had a 25-year career in marketing, market research, new product development, business development, consulting, and business writing. She also was founder and president of Denken Research & Consulting, a boutique firm in New York City providing end-to-end research, writing, educational, and consulting services for small businesses.

Christine Janssen full bio.

Michael Pirson, PhD

Michael Pirson is a world-renowned scholar of humanistic management, which holds that business and commerce ought to advance human dignity and society. In 2015 he was named a distinguished fellow of the Fowler Center at Case Western Reserve University; he was elected that same year to the Club of Rome, a global think tank that defines its mission as contributing in a systematic and interdisciplinary manner to a better world. A leader in establishing Fordham’s sustainable business minor, Dr. Pirson is the social entrepreneurship track chair for the Oikos-Ashoka Global Case Writing Competition in Social Entrepreneurship and a founding partner of the Humanistic Management Network, an organization that brings together scholars, practitioners, and policymakers around the goal of creating a ‘life-conducive’ economic system.

Michael Pirson full bio.

Erick Rengifo, PhD

Erick Rengifo is the founder and director of Fordham’s Center for International Policy Studies and an associate professor in the economics department. He is an active scholar with interests in econometric forecasts, risk management, insurance, microfinance, and micro-insurance. He also has extensive private-sector experience as an economic consultant, an independent investment and project counselor, and as a corporation controller. He has also been a university professor in Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú and Universidad Nacional de San Marcos in Perú.

Erick Rengifo full bio.

Patrick Struebi

Patrick Struebi is the founder and CEO of Fairtrasa, an organization created in 2005 to lift small-scale farmers out of poverty through a pioneering business-and-development model that links them directly to international markets while providing customized training in sustainable agriculture practices. Today, it is one of the largest organic and fair-trade fruit exporters from Latin America, supporting more than 6,500 small-scale farmers. Struebi came to Fordham’s Gabelli School of Business in January 2016 as a Gabelli Fellow; he also is a social entrepreneur-in-residence at Yale University and has been named a Yale World Fellow, Ashoka Fellow, and Endeavor High-Impact Entrepreneur. Earlier in his career, he was an executive with Deloitte and Glencore in Switzerland.

Patrick Struebi full bio.

Milton Sussberg

Milton Sussberg manages the Foundry’s daily operations and teaches undergraduate courses in entrepreneurship and marketing. His career includes a tenure as president of the company that launched the food processor in the United States. For more than 25 years, Sussberg has operated his own marketing consultancy, Sussberg & Co., Inc. He has worked with Sonicare on its sonic toothbrush, with Thermoscan on its ear thermometer, and with Foodsaver on vacuum packaging. He has consulted for Royal Philips, Gillette, Jarden, and Medicus Golf. Sussberg also has owned and operated a luxury-goods manufacturing company and a Class A minor-league baseball team.

Yilu Zhou, PhD

Yilu Zhou is an associate professor at the Gabelli School of Business. Her research interests include business intelligence, web/text/data mining, multilingual knowledge discovery and human-computer interaction. Most specifically, she investigates and explores computational, intelligent and automatic ways to discover interesting and useful patterns in news articles, web sites, forums and other social media. She recently won a large National Science Foundation grant to conduct research into maturity ratings for mobile apps, which are nowhere near as prevalent or consistent as ratings for movies or video games, leaving a gap that could put child users of mobile devices at risk.

Yilu Zhou full bio


Entrepreneurship coursework at Fordham combines elements from the full spectrum of business, including marketing, finance, venture capital, accounting, management, and media.

Our courses also develop the qualities that define an entrepreneur: creative thinking, problem-solving, innovation, and resilience in the face of challenge. We even teach you about failure. All entrepreneurs go through it, but here at Fordham, you can take risks in a supportive environment where experts and mentors will catch you if you fall.

Faculty members constantly adjust their classes to keep pace with the changing entrepreneurial space and to meet students’ needs. Listening to student input has led to the development of entire courses, such as Executing the Entrepreneurial Vision and Inside Tech Ventures.

New York is truly a land of opportunity when it comes to entrepreneurship, but don’t think of the city as a boundary. Each year, 20 Fordham students take a 10-day trip to Silicon Valley to visit companies like Adobe, Google, Facebook, and Apple. Students also travel nationally through Fordham’s chapter of the Kenneth Cole Foundation’s prestigious Compass Fellows program. Fordham is one of only 17 campuses worldwide chosen to take part in this social-innovation initiative.

Current coursework that is relevant to student entrepreneurs includes:

  • BLBU 3445 Contemporary Legal Issues in Business Organizations
  • FNBU 4456 Venture Capital
  • INSY 4431 Web Analytics
  • INSY 4432 Mobile Commerce and Applications
  • MGBU 3226 Exploring Entrepreneurship
  • MGBU 3227 Innovation and Resilience
  • MGBU 3228 Executing the Entrepreneurial Vision
  • MGBU 3229 Intro to Tech-Based Ventures
  • MGBU 3230 Personal Branding and Leadership
  • MGBU 3233 Startup Venture Experience
  • MGBU 3234 How to Change the World
  • MGBU 3235 Inside Tech Ventures
  • MGBU 3430 Sustainable Business
  • MGBU 3436 Capitalism and its Alternatives
  • MGBU 3446 Social Entrepreneurship
  • MGBU 3552 The Rose Program
  • MGBU 4005 Fair Trade Entrepreneurship
  • MKBU 3454 Design Thinking

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