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Sharing a batch of photos with friends after a “photo shoot” is a hassle. Capsule is an intelligent camera app that automatically stores all the moments you capture to collaborative albums.

Nightingale Technologies

Nightingale Technologies is a company that provides University Emergency Medical Services with essential medical data about individual students through an encrypted HIPPA-compliant database, accessible only by the student’s fingerprint.


CHICHA, MTK is a new company that offers a unique, natural probiotic beverage to enjoy at any time of the day.

Sugar & Spice Pop-Up

Sugar & Spice Pop-Up is a magical, interactive holiday art installation.

Original Gymsters

Original Gymsters, Your Teammates in Fitness, is a virtual fitness coach that strives to help people complete their fitness goals in accordance with their daily schedules by mentoring them through personalized fitness programs online.

Dorm Box

Dorm Box is a subscription box that provides college students with products and services to enhance and facilitate their college experience.

What’s Cooking

What’s Cooking provides a meal-sharing platform for people hoping to connect with others over home-cooked meals in an individual’s home.

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