What problem do you want to solve?

Feedback and advice as you shape your idea

Support for product development and prototyping

Design assistance

Help protecting your intellectual property

Collaborative working space

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How do you move from beta to launch?

External mentors and in-house coaches to help with product and market research

Sourcing for customers, suppliers, and distribution outlets

Assistance with forming a company, setting up accounts, establishing a business

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Launch and Grow

How do you launch and go big?

Seminars and talks with founders and specialists on growth strategies and tactics

Mentoring, consulting on launch and growth

Co-working space

Create and scale your business

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The Fordham Foundry is an integral part of the entrepreneurial ecosystem at Fordham University. We offer working spaces, advisors, mentors, events, and educational programming that help students move from ideation to impact.

The Foundry is open to all Fordham students, alumni, and community members, as well as the entrepreneurial organizations they are a part of.

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